Life Problems

To be alive is to move and to change - it is an ongoing process. However, change can be scary and uncomfortable, particularly when we feel we have no choice in the matter. It may lead to feelings of insecurity, being out of control or being stuck and losing direction.

In individual psychotherapy and counselling we explore the meaning behind these feelings, which may include some of the following:

  • Anxiety – excessive worrying or lasting fear, often for no apparent reason, may be experienced as panic attacks.
  • Depression – disproportionate feelings of pessimism, helplessness, low self-esteem and despair.
  • Obsessions – recurring thoughts, feelings or impulses generally of an unpleasant nature with no rational reason.
  • Phobias – obsessive and persistent fear of a specific object or situation e.g. spiders, open spaces.
  • Bereavement – the loss of a close relative, friend or something of great importance.
  • Stress – pressure of adverse influences, debilitated or afflicted by emotional, nervous tension, disturbing the natural balance of the body.
  • Eating disorders -
    • Anorexia - loss of appetite, obsessive desire to lose weight.
    • Compulsive eating - obesity
    • Bulimia - overeating followed by self induced vomiting or laxative abuse, in an attempt to avoid weight gain.
  • Sexual and relationship problems – gender identity, impotence, loss of sexual desire, isolation, loneliness or inability to maintain a relationship.
  • Personal development – exploring one’s further potential, dealing with feelings of under-achievement, lack of confidence and shyness.

We will all experience degrees of some of these difficulties in our lives and its true that problems and illness are a part of normal life. However when we feel overwhelmed by these problems and are left frustrated and unhappy with our lives, it may help to see a psychotherapist or counsellor, to work with the creative energy behind self-defeating patterns and to find more satisfying ways of living.

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